Prince Victorious 888

I Am Wolf Waldo Black,
Count of Monte Cristo in-fact

I am a rock, I am an island,
Forged in the Château d’If from coal to a diamond

Prince Victorious 888
I won’t be waiting at the gate

I’ll never be late,
Everything right on time

Momma, we’re gonna be fine,
Never shall these lips let pass any wine

Or despair, that blind pit
I fell like saber-tooth… archaic beast I was

Hunted my own heart,
Savage selfish fear birthed my art

All because there is a plot –
No conspiracy: Nature is with me

Mr. and Mrs. non-binary
Heiros Gamos, in the mirror, playing dirty-beautiful in my skirt

One day gonna skrrrt in my p car
Into Malibu nights– no boo at nobu, I’ve come far

From alcoholic chthonic attachments
Calling on the wise-old-man, put down the chronic, not a has been

Masculine fire,
Dragon fights for my desire

I am a will be,
As in, you will be regretting not betting on me

But I can see a lack of love from a hundred leagues – matrix dodge
There’s LEVELS, and I am wise as a serpent, innocent as a dove

This some G-shit you wanna take part in,
And if not, then I’ll gladly beg your pardon

I got heroes from Wiz to Schopenhauer,
Child of Jung, Gnostic Jesus, and Emerson

I am sexual, Walt Whitman,
There’s DMT in those blades of phalaris

If it ain’t a tryptamine or phenethylamine, it ain’t for me,
Lemon tek my shrooms, 4-ACO-DMT

Psychedelics and heartache made me,
Plus a childhood from Hades

But I don’t believe in hell,
I’m free from the terror of god, thank my Satyr heart – bless beezlebub

Smash the patriarchy, Goddess Gaia got my back
I’m not playing, I’m re-mortal like that

Maturity is the ability to discern reality from dogma,
Faux foes from my good hoes

We don’t slut shame,
I got lovers player, I design my own game

Architect the freedom and the fame,
Call me grandiose, I got no woes

Accepted death and there’s no more fear left,
I am a human animal, as inevitable as the sun

I know I’ll come back around,
Thirty four summers to return to the golden door, escaped a mental Brazen Bull

The fire is inside,
But the wolf never dies, never hide, royal we firm and strong

This poetry en-lightens my mind,
Sharpens my tongue

See, my secret is I have fun,
Even in pain, I piss in the rain

“Is that all you got!”
Lieutenant Dan

If DNAIELLA read this she would cry,
Know I’m back

Ten years with three in the mountains will do that,
Brave boy, won my own respect

Now my life smooth,
Like Pyramids from 4:27 on

But I’d rather fuck slow and firm to Pink Matter,
Though at 34, more than pink matters

Lust over her for life –
I already had her

Flowing like a mad hatter,
But I ain’t mad at her

I had gems for stepping stones,
Nature knows I never need another one

From Eve, to Helen, to Mary, to Sophia,
I know that moneydon’tfixlonely

So I milked my pain before I got the cream,
Lived the nightmare before the dream

Vanilla Sky, I’m David Aames with the fucked up face,
They love the chase bc I’m ugly-hot

She was a Lena Dunham thot,
Now I am over her hating me, I’ll take my shots

Ungrateful, infinity-faced bitter brat,
We could have made it through all that

But she never grew,
Couldn’t go where the pain is

Persona papier-mâché thick
And I’ll still always love that bish

This just me healthily processing it,
Sober – I took an organic shit

The past, I’ll never chase it,
Never mentally erase it, never hate it – amor fati…

She was 23, juicy and working,
But broke the rules for me

The most delicious memories are only for LVB –
Morality got no control over me

I’m an ethical non-monagamist,
I’ll never make a fucking promise

So I evolve fast as AI

Just embrace pain and you too can fly
Finally got the courage to be I

34 is my best year ever,
And I got early adopters, babes and Heathers

Exes dropped the stock too soon,
But I got more love than ever for all of you

But I lost some respect,
I see how they abandoned me like a shipwreck, but I was a real shit-wreck

Still, they could have forgiven me for having the DNA of a Vleck
Like, what the heck: dead for life – that’s a hell of a sentence

Though it gets easier in time,
Wise women like Kelly by my side

I’m scaring Little Wolf off with my love, ha
Good, let nature attract and repel as per Her will

My courage comes from my trust in life,
Plus my anima is my wife – aye!

What fear I,
Only not being happy through all my moods, deep inside, inner-child light

Sleep with my teddy bear at night,
Funny how much Kitty and I used to fight – yeah, it was all me {eyeroll}

Guess that’s just how I roll now,
Life casts the die but I’m in control now

Decision, perception, choice,
Breathe like a yogi and curate your inner voice

I got brujas, faeries, and atlantean healers pulling for me
Karina and Michelle casting spells on my behalf:

“When this is released/passes you will receive the most beautiful peace and space of clarity you have had yet”
Bet 🙏🏼

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