About Lawrence Black

Lawrence Black, writer

At thirty-three, I’m a lot of things I wasn’t and I’m not a lot of things I was. This is life. Appearances pass for reality, but only the individual knows the truth about themselves: we our our own keepers.

For ten years I’ve confessed. 7Saturdays (Now wolfwaldoblack.com) has been my living memoir. I’ve been a romantic, a fool, naive, inexperienced – all the things that ultimately make life worthwhile.

Today I stand alone, but I stand with nature, animals, the underrepresented. I’m an optimist but I’m grounded: sober in thought, lucid in deed. I’ve settled in the mountains in this chapter of my life, on the heels of the wanderlust of my twenties, and it is here where I am writing and building the ideas that will shape my future.

I work with symbols, language and code; I half-consider myself a magician. My magic is my Will and my Imagination. These are the mediums whereby I make my mark, doing the alchemy of building a life and becoming who I am to be.

And it’s not so early in the story anymore – things are well underway – so, if you want to know who I am, ask me today; for, I’m always changing, always growing – but the one constant is my heart, the place where I know we can follow our own designs. Create the lives we deserve.

Trust me when I say I will see you again, one day, when we are both cats.

Until then, I remain,

– Wolf

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